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Classic Princess Square for the Archetypal Characters Bingo: 50/50 Tussah Silk/Wensleydale, laceweight 2-ply, 1 oz thereof. I did write down somewhere how long it is but I can't, for the life of me, figure out where the note went. I have more of the fibre to spin though.

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Got 25g spun, so just 3-5 grammes more to go (that little puff under the spindle is 5g) to hit the 1oz for the Spindlers Group Challenge. I think I'm going to stop and ply once I hit it, and do the 100g in batches. My lace spindle's getting a bit unmanageable with all the extra weight.

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Happy is a sunny garden, a spinning wheel... and propping up your oxy with a large rum and coke.

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Mermaid Cowl is on its way:

And I've begun the spinning for the Princess Classic square:

I may or may not fire up the dye-bath later.
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The roving I'm using for both the Classic Princess square on my bingo card, and for the Song of Ice and Fire challenge at Spindlers, arrived. It's 50/50 Wensleydale/silk, so I'm going to try spinning it laceweight - especially since I'm figuring out lace knitting right now. The lustre is amazing.

The colourway is called "Joffrey's Pride" (hence using it for the ASoIF challenge), and I think the colourway suits 'princess' pretty well - golden hair and purple/pink dress, yes? I've started spinning it on my Ashford lace spindle, but it was too dark for photos so maybe tomorrow.
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I have some roving that I think fits the "Hunter" square on the Character Archetypes card. There's shetland humbug, and also some bamboo, and it has a bit of a blood-on-fur effect going on.

I might use one or both; I also have some bone beads that I could add, but I'll see how it goes.


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