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Just a quickie while I try to unkink my spine (then more flowers; my fingertips hurt).

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Jan. 10th, 2017 12:53 pm
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I'm sorry, I haven't been around as much as I'd like considering I've just done a friending meme thing. In my defense, I'm getting married in less than four days and am still making all the things; I'll achieve regularly scheduled programming in February. I'm bingo-squaring a couple of the things but will deal with the wibbly decisions and html bits laters, there are some pics under the cut though:

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The shawl pin after I popped it out of the mould:

And again after filling with another layer of resin to shine up the 'frosted' effect from the mould:

And another layer added on the orifice hook:

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I'm making orifice hooks - sounds rude, but it's a bit of wire used to pick up the end of your spun yarn and pull it through a spinning wheel's orifice so you can attach it back to your fibre. Since I have the prompt, "picking flowers", I've made this one with heather flowers, so it's a picking tool made with flowers.

I think it fits, anyway.

I'm also making a shawl pin using a wild rose (here it is being sealed, and you can just about see it being set at the edge of the above picture), so I'll add that too as a back up:

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Resin pendants for the Arcgetypal Characters prompt: The Fair Folk


"Opal" Mechanique inclusions

Shredded iridescent film

A sprig of lavender from my garden, embedded using a mould I made from a quartz crystal

Reindeer moss in a silver frame bezel

I dried an ivy leaf, and then used a craft punch to cut out a tiny leaf, and embedded that in a silver frame. Very elfy, I think.
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So apparently my ice resin is out of date, and I'll need to remake the dandelion seeds item.

The rest turned out okay with clear-cast though (bag holder is blacked out because my nephews)

The bag holder is for my mum, and also covers the 'jumping in puddles' prompt as that's what they'd just been doing before I took the photo (I was so happy to get that one on my card). The bee is for the 'high queen' prompt, but not finished yet. The two pendants are for the 'Fair Folk' prompt, and the fish was just an experiment with a previously made charm and a new shawl pin finding - a successful experiment, so there may be more along those lines.


May. 5th, 2016 08:09 pm
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Pouring some resin, probably for the prompts: Jumping in Puddles; The Fair Folk; The High Queen; and Blowing Seeds off a Dandelion. I have ideas for those...


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