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Classic Princess Square for the Archetypal Characters Bingo: 50/50 Tussah Silk/Wensleydale, laceweight 2-ply, 1 oz thereof. I did write down somewhere how long it is but I can't, for the life of me, figure out where the note went. I have more of the fibre to spin though.

image under cut )
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I liked how the open-backed bezels I used for the Fair Folk prompt turned out, so I used that method for the dandelion prompt as well instead of doing the rectangles I originally planned (that I can't get the out-of-date resin out of the mould may also have something to do with it).

Mostly made at night, so no photos due to bad lighting; I should probably do a how-to at some point.
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The cowl I made for mum was finished on the 10th, I just haven't had chance to post about it until now. Pictures:

Drafting as I knit (check out my super-sexy hand braces).

Nearly there:

Return it to the water!!!:

Done, trying for fit:
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What's more High Queen than a queen bee?

Bottle cap with resin-set image, finished with a swarovski rondelle and silver bee charm (and an organza necklace in 'honey'). I may change out the rondelle for a champagne AB one, if I can find them, but I'm not sure which will look better.

Have also been knitting and spinning today; too much pain to nap.
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Blacked out because nephews - the picture was taken just after they'd been jumping in the puddles near the beck. Set into a bag holder blank. I cocked it up a bit, hence the foggy effect around the edge, but there's a third nephew on the way so I'll probably be replacing it in a couple of months anyway.

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Resin pendants for the Arcgetypal Characters prompt: The Fair Folk


"Opal" Mechanique inclusions

Shredded iridescent film

A sprig of lavender from my garden, embedded using a mould I made from a quartz crystal

Reindeer moss in a silver frame bezel

I dried an ivy leaf, and then used a craft punch to cut out a tiny leaf, and embedded that in a silver frame. Very elfy, I think.
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Cowl is done (although it's back in another wash because it has a strong seracin smell, bleugh).

Behold the fluffy!

I like the pattern, but I shouldn't have drafted the mawata so thin. It makes for a lighter, more summery cowl though.


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