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I liked how the open-backed bezels I used for the Fair Folk prompt turned out, so I used that method for the dandelion prompt as well instead of doing the rectangles I originally planned (that I can't get the out-of-date resin out of the mould may also have something to do with it).

Mostly made at night, so no photos due to bad lighting; I should probably do a how-to at some point.
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Blacked out because nephews - the picture was taken just after they'd been jumping in the puddles near the beck. Set into a bag holder blank. I cocked it up a bit, hence the foggy effect around the edge, but there's a third nephew on the way so I'll probably be replacing it in a couple of months anyway.


May. 5th, 2016 08:09 pm
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Pouring some resin, probably for the prompts: Jumping in Puddles; The Fair Folk; The High Queen; and Blowing Seeds off a Dandelion. I have ideas for those...

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Cowl is done (although it's back in another wash because it has a strong seracin smell, bleugh).

Behold the fluffy!

I like the pattern, but I shouldn't have drafted the mawata so thin. It makes for a lighter, more summery cowl though.
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I have some mawata that suit this prompt, I think:

Knitting it up to my own "pattern": 102 stitches cast on, with a stitch marker every 17 stitches; alternate between knit and purl, then, after every inch knitted, switch to alternating between purl and knit.
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Decided that it might be better to start a little smaller, but I like my Supernatural Creatures card so I've made another to break myself in gently using a 3x3 and the "Childhood Experiences" pack:

Jumping in a puddle Wishing

on a star
Trick-or-treat Blowing seeds off a dandelion Making a flower crown
Treasure hunt Drawing on the sidewalk in chalk Picking flowers

(Links to the tag added when a project is started; text struck through when the project is completed).


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