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celebrity/notable person stranded/survival scenario second person narration caught in a robbery journeys and quests
wine/alcohol genderswap pretending to be married/couple singing bad day
drugs/intoxication criminal intent WILD CARD combat scenarios AU: meeting AU counterparts
trapped romantic relationship (assumed) candles vehicle abuse
resurrection injury Mary Sue (or Marty Stu) picnic education
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My card for [community profile] genprompt_bingo

Secondary Colours (Orange, Purple, Green etc.) Complementary Colours (Opposite on the Colour Wheel) Cool Colours Water Fire and Firelight
Sun and Stars Vivid Neutral Colours Magical Horses (Centaurs, Unicorns, Pegasi) Triads (Maiden / Mother / Crone, The Fates, Macbeth's Witches, etc.)
Primary Colours Dinosaurs and Pre-historic Creatures Wild Card Mobile / Carnivorous Plants Elves, Fairies, Pixies and Brownies
Dragons Sphinxes and Chimerae Flavour Snakes, Serpents and Worms Androids and robots
Natural Colours Colours of the Flag Black and White Honey Smell

I completed stuffed up and asked to be opted out of Energy Beings instead of Mobile Plants, and of course plants came up; debating explaining and asking for a trade-in, but worried I'll get a bad card. My botanical art skills suck rabid mongoose cock though. Unless I can use the wild strawberries; they have devoured a spade and a rat.
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I think we've established that I'm terrible at this blogging thing.

In other news, a wild bingo card appeared!

Amazon Forest Bedazzled Blue Timberwolf Cosmic Cobalt Blizzard Blue
Chocolate Smokey Topaz Magic Potion Jelly Bean Amethyst
Rose Quartz Moonstone FREE SPACE Deep Space Sparkle Rose
Shadow Blue Black Shadow Mountain Meadow Eggplant Eerie Black
Antique Brass Winter Wizard Quick Silver Sandstorm Aquamarine
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And again!

Beautiful Victory / Success Fire Dreams Building / Creating something
Umbrella-sharing Adventure / Quest Dark Clouds Glass
Astrology Catching snowflakes FREE SPACE Forest / Woods Mountains
Towel Too cold / hot Diamonds / Gems / Jewelry Desert Travel
Rainbow Knitting / Sewing / Crochet / etc. Stars/Outer Space Water Toys

New Card

May. 13th, 2016 10:24 pm
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For [community profile] genprompt_bingo

Zombies Primary Colours Magical Horses (Centaurs, Unicorns, Pegasi) Northern / Southern Lights Ravens, Crows and Birds of Ill Omen
Snakes, Serpents and Worms Shoes Silence Dinosaurs and Pre-historic Creatures Season of Mists (Autumn Colours, Sensations, Activities and Festivals)
Writing, Text and Quotes Kraken, Leviathans and Creatures of the Deep Wild Card Aliens Science
Water Spirits Sepia Touch Mobile / Carnivorous Plants Clowns
Sun and Stars Steel Bright Colours Books are the Best Weapons These are a few of my Favourite Things

I'll be honest: it's not grabbing me; I may yet use my turn-in...
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Wicked Witch The Chosen One The Hunter Threshold Guardians Witch Classic
Granny Classic Rebel Leader Princess Classic Prince Charming Bruiser with a Soft Center
The Archmage Classic Villain FREE SPACE The Fool The Champion
Herald Gentle Giant The Fair Folk Heroic Archetype Mentor Archetype
Wizard Classic Lady and Knight The High Queen Knight in Shining Armor The Good King
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Decided that it might be better to start a little smaller, but I like my Supernatural Creatures card so I've made another to break myself in gently using a 3x3 and the "Childhood Experiences" pack:

Jumping in a puddle Wishing

on a star
Trick-or-treat Blowing seeds off a dandelion Making a flower crown
Treasure hunt Drawing on the sidewalk in chalk Picking flowers

(Links to the tag added when a project is started; text struck through when the project is completed).

Bingo Card

May. 1st, 2016 03:27 pm
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Okay, so, I've joined [community profile] allbingo as it allows crafts and things as well as writing. And I generated a card using the Supernatural Creatures list. There could be anything and everything used as fills - the mawata I dyed today could make a nice cowl for the 'phoenix' prompt; I'm just sayin'.

household spirit/brownie sea serpent will-o-the-wisp ghost sphinx
pegasus/hippogriff griffin vampire phoenix/firebird hellhound
djinn elemental FREE SPACE yeti/sasquatch selkie/merrow
dryad kraken kitsune/fox spirit mermaid manticore
nymph unicorn werewolf dragon cecaelia/octomaid

(Links to the tag added when a project is started; text struck through when the project is completed).


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