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Things have been obscenely busy. And I'm going to have an obscenely busy month this month too. But one of my resolutions is to blog more, so I'm going to at least make a token effort.

Hopefully my posts will be longer when I'm not:

* chock full of cold
* getting married in ten days
* making favours
* making flowers
* making bridesmaids gifts
* decorating my own cake (at least I'm not making it too; I was at one point)
* going on honeymoon
* making a crazy amount of notebooks because the shop has gone mad

I think I need to write off one of my bingo cards, but I don't think the others have a deadline.
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Oh but of course there's something "wrong" with creeper's order. I really have to trust my instincts in future and just cancel when I start getting a vibe.
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I've mostly been working in the garden for the past few days, rather than on crafts. But since I last posted I've started the 'prehistoric creatures' square, and the phoenix cowl, and I've finished 'fingerpaints', so imma have to take and post photos. For the prehistoric creatures one I've made a shawl pin by cold-casting iron into an ammonite mould. It needs polishing now, but I can't find my polishing papers - I might say balls to it and see how the dremel handles it.

Garden-wise, I've gotten most things transplanted and my arch up. The kiwis aren't looking too happy, but apparently they do that when you transplant them and as long as they're still growing they should get over the strop. They're growing about an inch a day, so I'm hopeful. The grape is also having a strop but I'm accustomed to that - it should consider itself lucky, tbh, most people bin them thinking they're dead, instead of waiting out the adolescent tantrums. Next week I need to prune the fruit trees, so that should be fun. The snow killed all my plum blossom, so no plums this year, and the blueberries are late, but it looks like I'll have a decent crop of goosegobs, fuschia berries and chilean guava for pies; maybe some cherries too, if I net the tree before the bloody birds get at them.

Also I had my first black-out for five years and accidentally sliced a bit of my finger off, which was hilarious in retrospect but kinda slowed down the crafting a bit.
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And again!

Beautiful Victory / Success Fire Dreams Building / Creating something
Umbrella-sharing Adventure / Quest Dark Clouds Glass
Astrology Catching snowflakes FREE SPACE Forest / Woods Mountains
Towel Too cold / hot Diamonds / Gems / Jewelry Desert Travel
Rainbow Knitting / Sewing / Crochet / etc. Stars/Outer Space Water Toys


May. 26th, 2016 09:12 pm
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I've managed to knacker myself by sitting upright for too long; I was trying to do a video for the etsy shop, and kept thinking that the next take would be the one.

Every so often I think "I can do this" about something other people take completely for granted, but then my nervous system is like:

And after all that I still don't have a usable take.


May. 24th, 2016 11:37 am
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I was lucky enough to be able to go visit the Doulton flock of Border Leicesters on Sunday, which is local to me. Ellie was kind enough to pick me up too. The photobucket album is here, but there are some v. big photos under the cut:

under here )
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Got 25g spun, so just 3-5 grammes more to go (that little puff under the spindle is 5g) to hit the 1oz for the Spindlers Group Challenge. I think I'm going to stop and ply once I hit it, and do the 100g in batches. My lace spindle's getting a bit unmanageable with all the extra weight.

big pic )
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Happy is a sunny garden, a spinning wheel... and propping up your oxy with a large rum and coke.

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My EDC has been a bit too big for a while now, and there's some depressing stuff in recent months, so I figured I'd treat myself to one of the new "personal" size traveller's notebooks, with a fresh start to the planner, as a birthday present. Some self-assembly was, of course, required. I also got myself a laminator with some of my birthday cash, and made myself a dashboard - I think these may find their way into the shop, once I can work out the paper logistics.

photos )
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I liked how the open-backed bezels I used for the Fair Folk prompt turned out, so I used that method for the dandelion prompt as well instead of doing the rectangles I originally planned (that I can't get the out-of-date resin out of the mould may also have something to do with it).

Mostly made at night, so no photos due to bad lighting; I should probably do a how-to at some point.
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The shawl pin after I popped it out of the mould:

And again after filling with another layer of resin to shine up the 'frosted' effect from the mould:

And another layer added on the orifice hook:

New Card

May. 13th, 2016 10:24 pm
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For [community profile] genprompt_bingo

Zombies Primary Colours Magical Horses (Centaurs, Unicorns, Pegasi) Northern / Southern Lights Ravens, Crows and Birds of Ill Omen
Snakes, Serpents and Worms Shoes Silence Dinosaurs and Pre-historic Creatures Season of Mists (Autumn Colours, Sensations, Activities and Festivals)
Writing, Text and Quotes Kraken, Leviathans and Creatures of the Deep Wild Card Aliens Science
Water Spirits Sepia Touch Mobile / Carnivorous Plants Clowns
Sun and Stars Steel Bright Colours Books are the Best Weapons These are a few of my Favourite Things

I'll be honest: it's not grabbing me; I may yet use my turn-in...
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I'm making orifice hooks - sounds rude, but it's a bit of wire used to pick up the end of your spun yarn and pull it through a spinning wheel's orifice so you can attach it back to your fibre. Since I have the prompt, "picking flowers", I've made this one with heather flowers, so it's a picking tool made with flowers.

I think it fits, anyway.

I'm also making a shawl pin using a wild rose (here it is being sealed, and you can just about see it being set at the edge of the above picture), so I'll add that too as a back up:

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Okay, so I messed up when painting this mawata (also that pink is supposed to be scarlet, what's up with that colourcraft? Answer my email dammit) so I'm going to use it for "Fingerpaints" instead of the prompt I planned to use it for.

I'm also going to use it to test the "pattern" for my Phoenix cowl, so I've cast on 250 stitches and placed a stitch marker every ten stitches.

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The cowl I made for mum was finished on the 10th, I just haven't had chance to post about it until now. Pictures:

Drafting as I knit (check out my super-sexy hand braces).

Nearly there:

Return it to the water!!!:

Done, trying for fit:
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What's more High Queen than a queen bee?

Bottle cap with resin-set image, finished with a swarovski rondelle and silver bee charm (and an organza necklace in 'honey'). I may change out the rondelle for a champagne AB one, if I can find them, but I'm not sure which will look better.

Have also been knitting and spinning today; too much pain to nap.


May. 7th, 2016 02:02 pm
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Things I should do: knit this cowl for mum, since I have to have it ready for her going away rather than for her birthday.

Things I want to do: either get out the dye-pot or the polymer clay.

So tired.
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Mermaid Cowl is on its way:

And I've begun the spinning for the Princess Classic square:

I may or may not fire up the dye-bath later.


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