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My brain's been kinda fluffy recently, so progress and things that have happened in random bullet format (which also makes it easier to skip uninteresting bits b'cos of reasons):

* have acquired a domain name for my online shop. No further progress due to brain just sliding right off that one. That's the best description I have for what brain does. (in related news, now have three phone-calls to make ughhhh).

* etsy shop has been pretty busy; I still hate etsy payments with a burning passion.

* damn near witnessed another murder last Tuesday. For reasons best known to myself I decided to go for pizza at match time. They'd got another staff member on, and he, well... he stuffed it. Epically. It didn't look good when he told me the wrong price, but hey, gently put him right, these things happen. Then he put my order on the spike at the front. I asked him if it was supposed to go there (it's the 'finished order' spike), and you know that feeling that someone's looking at you? Well, there was: it was the regular guy who is a stresshead at the best of times, and you could actually see the cold realisation of that's why we're not as busy as it looks like we are dawning across his face. So that was a bit chaotic, since they were hella busy and had to work out which orders were his and which were other staff members' and how many they'd actually filled.

Then it turned out he'd taken a lot of them down wrong, so not only were they already late, when they were made they were wrong...

This was just before the match kicked off, so you can imagine the chaos as pissed off customers wanted their money back because they had to go now, still hungry, or they'd not get in. It was a relegation game to boot. The delivery guys were coming back with wrong orders, or orders that were so late they were told to bugger off. Angry phone calls. Angry customers. Total chaos. New guy got sent to the back room in disgrace, where he immediately knocked over three trays of prepared ingredients, further delaying matters, and got chased back into the front with a fucking broom, and at that point I honestly thought Stresshead was going to push him face-first into the chip-fryer. (I understand a little urdu, and throughout all this I was in the corner, spinning in the spinny chair, just observing the bedlam. Turns out the guy was supposed to show up early for training, but didn't because he thought you didn't need training for such a menial job as taking food orders. Whoops).

* Orange Pip Market was on Saturday. Did not buy bread after the horror that was last time; had poutine and strawberry-rose fizz and both were delicious.

* planted my kiwi in the wine crate I intended to put the grape in, and ordered another wine crate for the grape. It makes sense in my head. The strawberries were looking worse for wear, so I planted them in there too, before sowing the carrot and onion seeds, and also salsify because that's how I roll. I should do a proper garden post.

* spent Saturday night with one set of in-laws; I enjoy seeing them but fuck that bed. It's a memory foam mattress and too soft for both of us; my neck is still cricked.

* got a lot of orders out, so few crafts.

* omg I am so done with people who tack 'I need it by x-date' onto the 'notes to seller'. How hard is it to check with me beforehand? No, you cannot has because I would have had to post a made-to-order item before you even bought it, you muppet.

* in that vein, Friday's leather order is still not here, so instead of doing very busy work today I dragged out my inkle loom and made a thing to practice my selvedges. They're still terrible. But I'll share pictures anyway.

Yes, I'm still in my jammas. Don't judge.

Doing this just makes me want a proper loom, but I have to be good.

* I've also marathoned both Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency and Legion and liked both. Dirk Gently bore no resemblance to the books, but I feel like Douglas Adams would have approved of the kitten going off and causing a shark explosion, and some of the other insanity. It held the spirit of the original (no pun intended).

Legion was so visual omg. And Aubrey Plaza was a revelation. Also I really liked that they didn't do the 'is it all in his head?' thing. So often with the super-powers-masquerading-as-mental-illness trope they do the 'is it all in their head?' thing, but in Legion the narration side-steps it. David and a couple of other characters ask the question, but the narration is in the corner of 'telekinesis and teleportation are not symptoms of schizophrenia, duh. Obviously he's a bit fucked up after what he's been through, but it's not a schizophrenic delusion'. When they did follow the trope they subverted it by asking if it was in the mind of a character who doesn't suffer from delusions or hallucinations. As someone who's had visual hallucinations and was worried about this show, it made such a difference.

* still reading 'Hunted', a true crime thing about the Zodiac killer. It's long but idk. Holding my attention for now - which is pretty good going, considering I'm in 'repetitive task only' mode (see: weaving).

* today's tea is green zubrovka by Kusmi

Ummm, can't think of anything else to add. Oh, wait, I weakened and bought a mini happy planner; IT'S FOR IMPORTANT RESEARCH PURPOSES and also because my mid-life crisis is apparently sponsored by unicorns and flowers and the colour pink.

I should wash some fleece.

Need to make comment thingies.

And also write something.
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